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About Cambrian Mortgages

We make owning your home easier. At Cambrian, everyone gets our low mortgage rates – no negotiation required. Choose a variable rate mortgage or a fixed rate mortgage with the term that is right for you.  Our knowledgeable mortgage experts will answer all your questions and process your application quickly to make sure you get your approval when you need it.  That is what we call hassle-free service.

Low Mortgage Rates

Our mortgage rates are always among the lowest in the market, so you know you’re getting the best rate when you come to Cambrian. There are no specials or limited time offers – everyone gets our low rates, every day, with no negotiation required.

120 Day Rate Guarantee

Still looking for your perfect home? No problem. We will quickly pre-approve your mortgage and hold your mortgage rate for 120 days while you find your home.

Fast Approvals

Our lending decisions are made locally, right here in Manitoba, meaning we can approve your mortgage application quickly. 

Flexible Payment Terms

You can choose to pay monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly – whatever suits you, and automatic payments from your Cambrian account are always free of charge.

Transfer Fees

We pay the transfer fees to move your mortgage from another financial institution.

Mortgage Portability

If you move to a new home before your mortgage term ends, save on time and fees by moving your existing Cambrian mortgage to your new house.


Want to be mortgage-free faster? At Cambrian, you can prepay as much as 20% of your original mortgage balance each year, without penalty.  That helps you pay your mortgage off quicker and save interest costs.

Peace of Mind

You can ensure that your mortgage payments will continue even when the unexpected happens by protecting yourself with life, disability, critical illness or loss of employment insurance with Cambrian’s comprehensive Group Mortgage Protection.

Building a New Home

If you are building your dream home from the ground up, we have a mortgage specially designed for you. We advance the funds as needed during the build and our lenders work with you to design a schedule to fit your needs.

Buying from a Builder

Purchasing a new home from a builder provides you with the freedom to customize your home as you wish, without the general contractor responsibilities, and it also makes financing a little less detailed. With builder’s mortgages, all you need is a deposit to get construction started.  When you take possession, we will fund the remaining balance to your builder.

When you are ready to get started on your new build, meet with a Cambrian Lending Specialist to find out which mortgage is right for you.


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