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When life's big expenses come around. 


Cambrian's personal loans are designed to help you with bigger purchases or expenses - whether you're looking for a new car, a family vacation, or you just want to simplify your life a little by consolidating other debt. Talk to us about your plans, and our team will help you figure out the right lending solution for you. 

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Perfect for bigger purchases...


With local decision making right in Winnipeg and Selkirk, we offer quick approvals to help you access funds when you need them most, with a low interest rate and flexible payment options. Keep your savings intact and borrow at a lower interest rate than a credit card.
  • Easy to understand terms
  • Keep your savings intact
  • Lower interest rate than credit cards
  • Quick, local decision making
  • Loans designed for new and used cars and RVs

...or merging your debt into one loan. 

Debt that never goes away can hold you back. If you have more than one debt, like credit cards or car loans, consolidating it into a single loan can simplify your payments and let you save on interest.
  • Get debt free faster
  • Simplify multiple payments into one fixed payment
  • Know your free-from-debt date

PayOff Debt Calculator

Find out how you can pay off your debt sooner and save money! This will not affect your credit score.

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A personal loan can be a good lending option if you want to make sure your payments will stay the same for the entire length of your loan