Member Update: Virtual Queue

will keep you safe and warm!

We are excited to launch our new Virtual Queue to keep our members safe and warm during COVID.

What is the new Virtual Queue?

COVID safety protocols at our branches limit the number of members that can be in the branch at one time.

This means that during our busier days, members sometimes have to line up outside the branch.  With winter weather upon us, we did not want our members to have to wait out in the cold!

With our new Virtual Queue, members tell us when they have arrived at the branch and go wait somewhere warm until we notify them that it is their turn to come in.

How does the new Virtual Queue work?

When you arrive at the branch:

1. Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code on our branch door or window.

2. Enter your details.  That gets you into the queue.

3. Go wait in your car or somewhere nearby where it is warm.

4. We’ll text you when it’s your turn to enter the branch.

It’s that simple!